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Week 20

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My doctor was only planning on keeping me here for a few days to stabilize after the big trip to and from Michigan and told my parents that we'd soon be going home together.

My mommy wanted to capture photos of me with my favorite nurses. Here I am with Ping, a beautiful nurse that sings Chinese lullabies to me after she feeds me. I really love Ping and her songs!

Meanwhile, back at home, Daddy and Mommy were frantically trying to finish putting my room together for me and get the house ready for my arrival. Being out of town for two weeks so close to my homecoming really made it hard to get ready. Luckily, they have lots of terrific friends that helped with the shopping, organizing and setup.

Here's a photo of my dolphin nursery, complete with dolphin curtains and mattress skirt made by my grandmother Tina.

Milagro Comes Home!!

Finally, the day my parents never thought would arrive was suddenly here! Dr. Sandhu came in to hold me one more time and tell me he was proud of me. I couldn't have made it without his wisdom, his belief in me and his faith. I was blessed to have him as my neonatologist.

Jonnie was on shift during my discharge and boy was she busy getting everything ready! She took a moment to pose with me one more time.

Phil, my favorite afternoon nurse, was on vacation on my discharge day but he came in to see me off anyway. Thanks Phil! I would've hated to leave without seeing and hearing you one more time!

Ping held me one more time too.

Then, Mommy asked the whole group of my favorite nurses and my favorite doctor to get together for a picture with me. It was a happy day for my parents and for me, but I could tell that there was also a lot of sadness in the air. These people were my family, my caregivers, the ones that kept me alive, breathing, eating, and helped my parents cope with my hospitalization. Saying goodbye to these kind people was not easy, yet it was a necessary phase in my life. There were lots of hugs and tears.

Zia, the hospital chaplain, came in to say bye and sing one more song of blessing for my parents and me. I have really enjoyed her music and singing during my stay here.

Finally, it was time to get dressed to go home. Mommy bought this tie-dye onesie for me here in Berkeley, just a few blocks away near the campus where she and Daddy met while in college. She bought it because Daddy and I could wear matching T-shirts on this day.

My going home outfit was mailed to me from Washington by my grandma Tina. It's a coverall with butterflies, over my tie-dye. It was a bit large for me, but I will be growing into it in the next few weeks.

My mommy is showing me off here, along with my denim baseball cap. Doesn't she look happy today?

Last step was to strap me into my brand new car seat, a gift from grandma Noriko. Along with the preemie headrest, it was a perfect fit!

We waved bye to everyone and left with my parents carrying the portable oxygen unit that would be attached to me for a while. Suddenly, we were alone, just the three of us, in our blue Landcruiser, driving away from the only home I had ever known. Daddy drove and Mommy sat with me in the back seat. It was a crisp, clear, beautiful sunny winter day and we were going home!

Thirty minutes later, we arrived at our home in Hayward. There was a beautiful banner hanging over the garage welcoming me to my house. It was put together by my daddy and mommy's friend Kathy. Mommy and Daddy took a moment to pose with me under the welcome banner.

My auntie Ikuko met us at the house, to videotape and photograph this happy day. Mommy just wanted to sit in the middle of the family room and hold me for a while and so she did. Doesn't she look absolutely overjoyed to be holding me in her arms, in our home?

Daddy put on his favorite Cal baseball cap backwards and put mine on my head backwards as well. Everyone says I look just like him. What do you think? Doesn't Daddy look happy too? I've never seen my parents as happy as they were today.

I took my first nap in the family room in my playpen, on a special blanket made by Mommy's friend Sonya. I was so comfortable and enjoyed the peace and quiet of this new place, my home.

Auntie Ikuko had never held me so today Mommy offered her the chance. She put on a surgical mask so she wouldn't breathe germs on me, just in case she had any on her. She was so sweet to care so much about me to wear that silly mask! She enjoyed the time with me and I enjoyed her arms and love.

Another fun place that I got to enjoy this week was this bouncy, vibrating chair. I love sitting in it for a while after eating; it helps me digest so well. Don't I look content in my bouncy chair?

I'm just so happy to finally be in my own home!! Mommy and Daddy are also very happy!!

Don't forget to check back occasionally, Mommy and Daddy promised me that they'll keep updating my site every once-in-a-while.



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