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Week 18

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The nurses in Michigan at William Beaumont Hospital were terrific. My favorite nurses were Karil, Bev, Shelley, Kim, Patty, Pat and Megan. They all enjoyed watching me eat and said that they liked the way I gathered my "chi" while eating. I was one of the best eaters in the room they said.

Usually I am very calm, happy, and sleepy after I eat. But sometimes, I'm still hungry and whoever is feeding me erroneously thinks I'm full and stops feeding me. Then I get really, really mad and let everyone know about it. Here at this hospital, I was sometimes the loudest baby in the room, an honor really, since my lungs are getting stronger and stronger so that I can scream louder and louder. My parents are really proud of how loud I can be now that I'm a bigger girl nearing the six pound mark.

Wednesday of this week I had the surgery on my right eye again but this time the news was not good. The doctors found that my retina was already torn which means that I will not be able to see out of my right eye.

There is always hope for a miracle, so please pray for one. How well I will see as I grow older in completely in God's hands now since the doctor's have done all that is possible for my eyes. There are no other procedures to do.

For now, my Mommy and Daddy were very sad at this news, I could tell. I know they want to take me to the Monterey Aquarium to see all the fishies and the Galapagos Islands to see all the wildlife (when I am older of course) and so many other beautiful places. They are sad at the thought that I might not be able to see as well as possible.

I set a personal record for post-op recovery this time, coming off the ventilator nine hours after surgery and breastfeeding and eating two hours after that. Everyone was happily amazed.

I do know that with prayer and baby glasses, I just might surprise everybody. I have made it this far, surprising many people along the way with my strength and resiliency, so why stop now?



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