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Week 16

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I started this week with another ambulance ride after I came off the ventilator after the surgery. I was going "home", back to my room in the NICU at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. It's so much quieter there than at this NICU. So far I have had five ambulance rides between Bay Area hospitals. I'm turning out to be a little traveler like my mommy and daddy.

DSC00954.jpgThis is what I looked like after the surgery. Only one eye was operated on, but both eyes were covered for my own protection right after the operation.

DSC00956.jpgEven though I had eye surgery, I was still a very hungry little girl. I was back breast feeding with my mommy 24 hours after the surgery and boy was I hungry! I couldn't see the breast through the bandage, but I sure knew it was there. I heard the doctors and nurses say I was having an excellent recovery. I know that made my daddy and mommy very happy.

Just after getting back to Berkeley, I was weighed and officially became a five pound baby--another milestone achieved!

DSC00963.jpgLater in the day, the nurses took the bandage off the eye that didn't have the operation. Here I am with yet another cute sleeper, this one from a friend of my grandparents in Washington State. They say that pink is my color.

DSC00968.jpgI'm big enough to wear Winnie the Pooh clothes like bigger babies do. Here is my Pooh "onesie", with a not-so-matching purple eye patch to protect my little eye.

DSC00973.jpgNow that I'm a five pound baby, I am eating more and more. I breastfeed for about 20 minutes, then my daddy gives me a bottle with two more ounces of mommy's milk. I also have mastered how to burp, sometimes letting out some nice loud ones that shock the nurses and make my parents giggle with pride.

DSC00981.jpgThese big meals sure make me sleepy though.

DSC00984.jpgThis week was my daddy's birthday and he celebrated his special day with me, giving me milk and then taking a comfortable nap with me. I just love napping with daddy!

DSC00998.jpgThis is my friend Cielo's mommy, Ana. Mommy and Ana met in the NICU in early October after Cielo was born, ten days after me. DSC01002.jpgCielo and I have become good friends and so have Mommy and Ana. Someday, Cielo and I will play in the park together with our parents watching. But for now, I'll just take nap in my daddy's arms, again...

DSC01003.jpgPlease... I'm taking a nap, no more photographs!



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