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Week 15

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Daddy's wedding ring is looking smaller and smaller next to my growing hand.

My mommy is holding me just after I finished eating. Am I content or what?

I'm wearing one of my favorite preemie sleepers with bonnet, a gift from one of my mommy's good friends.

This week I was big enough to finally wear this little yellow sleeping gown that my mommy and grandmother made for me when I was still inside mommy and we were at the hospital.

DSC00945.jpgSometimes after I eat, I'm DSC00950.jpgnot too sleepy and I can stay up and play for a few minutes with mommy and daddy. I like to look at them, listen to them talk to me and have my picture taken.

DSC00952.jpgBut eventually, I get sleepy, yawn, and need to go back into my little crib to get my rest so that I can wake up again in three hours and do it all again. Here I'm getting ready to sleep in a little animal hat from my grandma Noriko and a little shirt from my Abuelita Tina.

At the end of this week, I took yet another ambulance trip to visit yet another fine hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. This time I took a ride to Walnut Creek's John Muir Medical Center to have an eye operation called a "lens sparing vitrectomy." I slept through the ambulance ride, met mommy and daddy there who held me all day and also visited with my auntie Ikuko. I slept through the entire surgery while letting a ventilator breathe for me during the procedure. The hope is that this procedue will help me see with my right eye. Mommy and daddy were rather worried about me but I did fine during the surgery.



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