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Week 13

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Here I am sleeping one of my favorite places... my daddy's arms. It does annoy me a little because my parents are always unwrapping me to take these pictures, that's why I'm frowning in this photo.

Here's Phil, my favorite afternoon nurse. He has a great sense of humor and a very kind and gentle voice.

I may have been born early but it just have me a chance to learn things early. See, I can already hold my own binky and it's still two weeks before I'm supposed to be here.

I'm getting big enough to wear all kinds of nice outfits that people have been sending from all over the country. This onesie came from some place called Connecticut and the pink sleeper came from Oregon.

This was a week full of milestones for me and my parents, especially my daddy. This was the first time that my daddy was able to give me a bottle. Both of us had lots of fun, especially when it came time to burp. For this picture I really let one rip... one of my nurses compared it to a truck driver's belch. What's a truck driver? Right after eating and burping, I like laying on my tummy for a little while to digest.

Tonight was also special because my mommy and daddy's priest, Father Terry, came to visit me again. He last saw me in early October when I was only 10.5 inches long and weighed a pound and a half. Imagine his surprise at seeing me now, big enough to wear pretty clothes AND drink from a bottle!

Later this night, my parents gave me a warm tub bath for the first time. They were kind of apprehensive at doing this since I'm still so tiny, but with the nurses help, they figured it out really fast. They soon realized that I LOVE tub baths and putting my little butt in warm, comforting water. I bring my hands in because I feel safe and comfy this way.

See my big belly? It's big because I'm a big eater. Tonight, I officially became a four pound baby.

I stressed when my mommy took me out of the tub--see my open fingers? I'm stressed. When I was taken out of the tub, I was really mad. I wish I could have stayed in there longer.



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