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Week 12

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This week my grandma Tina flew back to see me again from her home in Washington. She hadn't seen me in thirty-five days and couldn't believe how big I was at 3.5 pounds. When she arrived at the hospital, my mommy asked the nurse to let her hold me. My abuelita was so very happy to have me in her arms. I slept so soundly as she held me and sang to me in Spanish.

Also this week I had to have something called laser surgery because my eyes are not developing properly. Daddy and mommy were very concerned about the surgery and the fact that I had to be put back on the ventilator for the procedure to give me a break from having to breathe. I did just fine through the procedure (not really knowing much about what was happening anyway) but my eyes were puffy for a few days.

Doesn't my mommy look worried in this picture? She is giving me what they call "compassionate touches" so that I'll feel better. I did make a pretty quick recovery and got off "the vent" in three days, back to CPAP, then back on my comfortable nose cannula within the week.

My eyes may need more surgery in the future. I know my parents continue to worry about this and pray that my eyes will be okay.

This week was also special because mommy and daddy had a baby shower for me at our house. Many friends came over and brought gifts for me--my mommy told me so. Mommy and daddy brought some of the new preemie clothes that friends gave them to me at the hospital so that I could wear new clothes.

I can't wait to go home and see all the beautiful blankets, clothes, towels and other things that loving friends have given me. I am such a lucky, loved baby to have such good friends and family pulling for me.



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