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Week 11

Click on an image to see an enlargement.

I began this week as a 3lb baby... that breast milk just packs on those ounces. As you can see, I'm quite pleased with myself. Now that I'm a bigger baby, I'm able to play more. But as always, I end up falling asleep very quickly.

This colorful screen is the display for all monitors that make sure I'm ok. It makes all kinds of beeps, whistles, bongs, and dings when something isn't right. The green line on top shows my heartrate, a nice healthy 160 beats-per-minute. When I'm really stressed or tired, sometimes my heartrate will fall below 80, this is called a bradycardia... a brady for short. When that happens, the monitor starts dinging really loudly and the nurses literally come running to see if I'm ok.. The white line in the middle shows how I'm breathing. I must have been pretty wiggly when this photo was taken since the line is so squirrily. This line will also show if I start having an apnea spell... That makes the monitor bong and again, the nurses will come running to check on me. The blue line and numbers show the information from the pulse-oximeter. Right now it's showing that I'm at 91% oxygen saturation and my pulse is 149. The nurses cross-check this pulse with the heartrate measured above. If they are very close, they know my oxygen reading is accurate... if not, then they take the reading with a grain of salt.

I've actually managed to grow out of some of my clothes already. Here, my mommy tried to put this shirt on me but the sleeve wouldn't fit over my hand!

This week, I gave everyone a big scare. Even though I was getting bigger, sometimes my lungs still needed some help. I just plain got tired of breathing so much on my own and my doctor decided I needed some help and put me back on CPAP. The doctors also took precautions in case I was getting sick. But I was okay and just needed to rest my lungs a bit. Mommy and daddy sure were scared though.

However, since I was doing a better job regulating my own body temperature, I was finally able to escape the isolette and sleep in an open crib like a big girl. I able to enjoy this beautiful blanket that my abuelita Tina made for me.

My grandma made this colorful set of booties and hat for me but I was growing so quickly that soon I had to take of the hat and share it with my little lamb "prayer friend" in my crib. Who is cuter in the hat, the lamb or me?



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