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Week 9

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This was the week that I turned two months old and I was a lot bigger than when I was first born, but still quite small. See my daddy's wedding ring on my hand? Maybe that helps you understand how small I still was at this point.

If you're noticing my beautiful yellow shirt and personalized hat, I have to give credit to my abuelita Tina for making it for me. My mommy and grandma made this set of clothes for me before I was born, when I was still in mommy's tummy and she was in the hospital. Do I look good in yellow?

Here I am kangarooing with daddy as I get my Albuterol treatment.
I really like my Albuterol treatment since it helps me breathe better. Plus the nice cool mist felt good on my face since I had that CPAP mask on it most of the time. Ahhhhh, nice Albuterol.

This was my second week of practicing my breastfeeding and I was getting stronger and better at it everyday. Mommy said I had a very vigorous suck. I just know that I liked being cuddly with her and drinking yummy, warm, sweet milk.

Sometimes there was too much happening around me and I got stressed out. If there was too much noise, light, or too much handling, I sometimes had to communicate to everyone that I wasn't happy. The way I did it was to hold my hands out in this "time out" position. Pretty clear that I'm not happy, yes?

I've heard my mommy, daddy, and the nurses say that I have a very strong suck reflex... I guess that's a good thing, but I sure like sucking on my binky, and when I didn't have that, I love sucking on my OG tube.

Mommy and daddy spent Thanksgiving day with me since they didn't have to be at work. It sure was nice having them near me all day, here's our Thanksgiving Day family portait.

Sometimes, my mommy and I get so cuddly that we both fall asleep together... or maybe she was extra tired this week since it was here first week back at work since I was born.



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