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Week 8

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By early November I had started to breathe well enough on my own to be on blow-by more often, away from the CPAP and using a little nose cannula to get my oxygen. My parents just loved it because they were regularly seeing my little face and I was able to see their faces better too since my little eyes were maturing.

I gave my mommy a special treat this week. See, my mommy had been pumping her breast milk for over six weeks and bringing it to me in little bottles to drink through the oral orange tube in my mouth. Eight to ten times a day she pumped milk so that her supply would be there for me when I was ready.

This week, after getting to put on the nose cannula, I was allowed to try "recreational breastfeeding." This meant that I started to learn how to eat for myself from mommy's breast. She liked it because all that pumping she had been doing was to get to the point where I was big enough to feed myself with her. Practicing was step one towards eating like a big girl.

See me on her breast? Can you believe that I'm a two and a half pound baby? Mommy and daddy and the nurses were amazed that I was able to latch on and suck so well despite my tiny size. I don't know what the big fuss it-for me it was just natural and wonderful to be close to my mommy this way and drink the yummy milk she made for me every day.

See my mommy and me together after I breastfed? If we both look really happy, it's because we are. This was a very special week for both of us. Daddy enjoyed watching me and taking these pictures.

article_page1small.jpg - 11618 BytesThis week some else special happened. The hospital where I was staying was featured in the San Francisco Business Times. My doctor was interviewed and he picked me as the baby to photograph for the journal. Here I am as a "cover girl" with my mommy, in the classic kangaroo position.



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