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Week 5

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P1010062.jpg - 4156 Bytes Here I am at 5 weeks sleeping in my incubator. P1010063.jpg - 3902 BytesYou're probably wondering what all these things on me are. I'm wearing my favorite yellow hat that my grandmother Tina made for me. P1010064.jpg - 3923 Bytes See the bracelet on my hand? It measures my pulse and oxygen saturation to make sure P1010065.jpg - 3965 BytesI'm breathing ok and that my heart beat is strong. The tube going into my mouth from the top of P1010066.jpg - 3901 Bytesthe picture is my gavage tube, the nurses feed me my mommy's milk through it. (yummy!!) P1010067.jpg - 3539 BytesBig scary looking tube in front of me are attached to the hi-frequency ventilator, this P1010068.jpg - 3637 Bytesimportant machine helps my lungs and diaphragm grow and get stronger.

P1010070.jpg - 3602 BytesThe big metal thing on face is there to keep me from pulling all the tubes out from my mouth but I figured out how to do it anyway!

P1010071.jpg - 4154 BytesIn this picture you can see my favorite nurse day-shift nurse, Jonnie. She treats me very well and loves me a lot.

P1010080.jpg - 3474 BytesP1010082.jpg - 3063 BytesHere I am doing my favorite activity with my mommy again. You can really see how small I am.
P1010081.jpg - 3177 Bytes P1010083.jpg - 3004 Bytes P1010084.jpg - 2965 Bytes

P1010087.jpg - 3955 Bytes One weekend my grandmother Noriko came all the way from P1010088.jpg - 3872 BytesMaryland to visit me. Where is Maryland? I'm sure someday my mommy and daddy will take me there.

DSC00101.jpg - 5021 Bytes Here are some more pictures of me wearing all of my DSC00103.jpg - 4807 BytesNICU jewelry. I was especially playful this night, reaching out for my mommy's finger.

DSC00100.jpg - 4951 BytesIn this picture you can see how alert I am and how bright my eyes are, even for someone my size. You can see how tiny I am next to the thermometer.
DSC00093.jpg - 5023 Bytes DSC00104.jpg - 4663 Bytes DSC00105.jpg - 4511 Bytes

DSC00116.jpg - 4542 Bytes
Finally, my abuelita Tina got to hold me one night. The nurse let her pick me up in my snuggly bed. Do you see my eyes look at my abuelita?

P1010072.jpg - 4285 Bytes P1010086.jpg - 3366 Bytes P1010074.jpg - 3311 Bytes
P1010075.jpg - 3421 Bytes P1010076.jpg - 3824 Bytes P1010085.jpg - 3339 Bytes


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