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Lots of change and a major, major achievement for me happened this month.

My mommy returned to work this month so sometimes she goes away for a bunch of hours and returns home with fresh breast milk in bottles ready for me to drink. I still love my mommy's milk more than anything else! I'm so happy that she's still making milk for me. She must be a very patient person. She comes home and showers me with kisses.

When she comes home, she makes sure that I get my special time with her breast feeding since I love it so much. People seem surprised and amazed that my mommy and I are still sharing this special time together, but what's the big deal? It's our favorite activity that makes us both so very happy. We'll keep doing it as long as possible.

A lovely nanny named Kenda also comes over twice a week to play with me, feed me and make sure my diaper is changed often. I really enjoy Kenda and the infant massages she gives me too!

Daddy and I spend some time every evening cuddling on the futon. I am such a very lucky baby to have a father like my daddy.

May 12, 2002 -- Our first Mommies Day!! (click here)

On May 13th, my pulmonologist said I was okay to go off oxygen during my active daytime. I had reached the point where I was big enough and my lungs strong enough to breathe without the help of supplemental oxygen. Can you imagine how happy my parents were? Not only did they no longer have to carry an oxygen tank every where we went, but also they were able to at last see my entire face continuously, without covering it with nasal cannula plastic and tape. So now you can see what I really look like!

For the first time in my eight months of life, I was completely untethered to medical equipment and breathing on my own without assistance. My mommy went running around the block with me the second she took the cannula off. She was so very ,very happy and said many prayers of thanks to God.

In mid-May, my mommy and daddy celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary. We went to their favorite Thai restaurant to celebrate this special occasion—my first night out at a restaurant! It was a Thursday night so there was nobody else in the place which made my parents more at ease in taking me out to a potentially crowded place. We enjoyed a terrific meal together and I was a very good baby. I waited for my parents to finish their special dinner, then I politely asked for my dinner.

A special friend from college came to meet me this month. She was Daddy's "best man" at Mommy and Daddy's wedding. Her name is Belinda and she came to see me soon after I was off oxygen.

Over Memorial Day weekend, my Abuelita Tina came back to be with me for a week. She hadn't seen me since I was a six and a half pound baby back in February so you can imagine how excited she was to see me as a nine and a half pound baby. She was even more amazed and happy to see me without my cannula!

We took a walk around a lake near our house, went to awedding near a castle in the North Bay, and posed for photos at home. As you can see, I'm still working on that sitting alone skill and not quite getting it right!

Abuelita also played with me a lot and made me giggle

She came to town to be here for a special dinner that my parents hosted to celebrate that I'm almost a ten pound baby! The dinner was also to honor two of my nurses from the hospital, Phil and Irma, for all they did for me when I needed the most help early on in my life. Daddy and Mommy made a Greek dinner that we all enjoyed. I enjoyed being the center of attention and enjoyed being held again by my loving nurses.

We spent Memorial Day afternoon in a favorite park here in the Hayward hills.

Grandma fed Mommy as Mommy fed me. It was kind of chilly but I was snuggly and warm in my fleece blanket.

May was a good month of important milestones and extra special time with my abuelita Tina.