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This was a month of self-discovery and new skills. At the end of the month of April, I weighed in at nine pounds.

I first learned that I have two little hands that I can clap, eat, clasp and unclasp, with little fingers that I can hook together. I also learned that I could take the nasal cannula and put it in my mouth with my newly discovered fingers. It was my way of saying that I don't need this extra oxygen as much anymore.

I had also started practicing sitting by myself. Obviously I still need a lot of help.

I have learned some interesting head control exercises to do with Mommy. But sometimes I lose my patience with the activity and tell my mom I'm done.

I also started spending a bit more time on my tummy, but didn't always like it. Mommy and Daddy say it's good for me though so that I can learn to lift my head and learn to roll. I wonder why they want me to do that? Hmmmm... I'm sure there's a good reason. Well anyway, I went ahead and rolled over from my tummy to my back once when I had an audience. Everyone cheered for my first roll.

I also got my first pair of glasses this month, with very thick lenses. They supposedly will help me focus better than I can without them. All I know is that I don't always like them on my face so I have learned clever ways of removing them. Sometimes I like them and wear them while Mommy or Daddy read me a book, but usually I complain loudly. I am practicing getting ready to throw them across the room.

Daddy is still working from home so I get to hang out with him every day for a while. Sometimes we take a nap together in the morning before he starts work. I love that!

I get to watch him make web pages for his work and frequently comment my opinion to him as he works. He listens and responds so I can practice my communication skills.

Look mom!! No Hands!!
I have learned how to drink from a bottle while asleep and using no hands. Neat skill.

My abuelita Tina sent a bassinet with a beautiful cover that she made. I feel very comfortable sleeping in it. My mom's friend Sonya said I look like a little princess sleeping there.

I had a most special visitor this month, my mommy's sister, my Tia (Auntie) Selina, came to meet me. She found a way to leave her five kids in Colorado with my Tio Norman for a few days so she could come to my house to be with me. We even went to a park together, taking the dogs that live outside our house too. The dogs are named Wolfy and Buddy but I haven't been able to play with them yet.

While my auntie was here, we paid a visit to my friend Cielo's house for lunch. Remember Cielo? She was the preemie I met in the NICU. She's beautiful, strong and happy at home with her wonderful mommy and daddy. Neither of us has any hair though; we have soft peach fuzz heads instead. We have something else in common—we just LOVE being in our daddy's arms! Our parents will make sure that we grow up together and play in the park just as soon as possible. We have all become good friends.