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I love taking baths in my little tub at home. This is what I look like right after a bath, without my nasal cannula. Do I look content or what?

This month I discovered my tongue and how to move it around for my own amusement (and that of my parents too).

My parents sure enjoy putting different clothes on me. I think it's because they couldn't dress me up in "regular" baby clothes for so long, that now they're trying to make up for lost time. I love my coveralls with sneakers.

My silly Daddy put me on a pile of my clean clothes and took this picture of me in a spring dress. Pretty colorful, yes?

Mid-march I had another special visitor, my uncle Ben, Mommy's brother. He visited during the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament so I dressed appropriately.

Tio Ben is in college studying to be an astrophysicist, but all I know is that he loved to hold me, talk to me, and even fed me a bottle. Pretty incredible experience for him, considering I'm the first baby he has ever fed. I did some good burps for him to show I was happy with how well he fed me.

I love to play with my "Gymini" to develop my vision and work on my spatial awareness. I especially love things that make noise like these metal measuring spoons. I play in there almost every day.

Also in mid-March, my daddy's parents came to visit me all the way from Maryland. I'm such a lucky baby to have all my grandparents AND that they came to see me. Grandma Noriko last saw me as a 1.5 pound preemie so she was most pleased to hold me. Grandpa Susumu was seeing me for the first time and smiled a lot at me. Here is my Grandpa holding me, and standing with Daddy. Doesn't Daddy look proud?

I toured my first winery this month too, close to my home. We took a day trip to the Livermore Valley to Wente Vineywards and walked through big rooms that had the delicious smell of red wine in French Oak barrels. I couldn't drink any wine of course, but I did enjoy a bottle of mommy's milk in the tasting room as my daddy, my auntie Ikuko and his parents enjoyed sipping wine.

Grandma Noriko fed me several times and I showed her how well I can burp too. She made some new hats for me too while she was visiting. Very cool to have grandmas visit and make new clothes!

A few months ago, I received a very special doll from Japan. It was a gift from Grandma Noriko's sisters on the island of Hokkaido. My grandparents suggested that I take a picture with my doll. Here we are.

We took the opportunity to take some portrait-like photos and I got really dressed up in my special blue velvet dress and beret. These are special photos to save forever.

This month, my mommy's mom, Abuelita Tina, sent to mommy a special dress that mommy wore when she was an infant. It was in great shape after all those years and Daddy and Mommy photographed me right away. I'm so lucky to get to wear my mommy's clothes!

As long as I was dressed up, Mommy thought it a good time to jump into a flowery dress too. Here we are in our first official Mommy and baby portrait.

On Easter Sunday, I celebrated my six month birthday at the Ackley home. I wore my new Easter dress and bonnet and was the star of the dinner party, according to the hostess Nancy.